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Your SouthEast Telephone internet account allows you to build a personal Website and then upload it to the SouthEast Telephone servers. At present, users are allowed 10 megabytes of Web space

Step 1

In order use your personal Web space you must first ensure that it is activated. This can be achieved by calling Customer Care and having them check for you. If your personal Web space has not yet been activated then the Customer Care Representative can place the order for you to have it activated.

Once you have your account activated, you must create your Website. There are two ways to set about creating a Website.

  • Learn how to write in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). To do this you need a text editor such as Notepad (free with all versions of Windows. You can get it by clicking Start, then Programs, then Accessories.
  • Use an HTML editor such as FrontPage, NetObjects Fusion, or DreamWeaver. These work very much like word processors or desktop publishing packages. They are very good for beginners, but you don't have quite as much control over how the page appears.

Once your site is created, you can connect to it through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is used to transfer files over the Internet. Some HTML editors will FTP your files automatically for you. Or you can use a FTP client such as WS-FTP or even your Web browser. You may use any method you choose, however in this tutorial we demonstrate the use of the built-in FTP functionality of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Open your browser and in the address bar type in Press Enter.

Step 3

A popup login box should appear asking for your username and password. Enter your dialup username and password and then press Enter.

Step 4

You should now see your personal Web space in the browser window. If you desire a place to store files that others won't have access to, you can place these files in this directory by the copy & paste method detailed below. If you want to create a Website that others can visit, then copy the Website files to the www folder. You must include a index file as your home page in your space such as index.htm or index.html in order for your site to be available.

To use the copy & paste method, you can open an Explorer window and navigate to the directory where the files you wish to transfer reside. Highlight the file you wish to transfer and go to Edit -> Copy.

Now open up the browser window that is opened to your personal Web space. Go to Edit -> Paste. Please be patient as the files you previously selected are uploaded to the server. Over a dialup connection this process may take a while.

Step 5

You can visit your new Website or send others to it by typing in to the Address Bar of your browser and pressing Enter.

Contact SouthEast Telephone Published: 02/26/2007