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Call Block provides blocking of six numbers created on a screening list by the customer. The function of Call Block is to provide a screening list which is created by adding the last number (either incoming or outgoing), or by pre-selecting the number to be blocked. Callers who are on the list hear the following announcement:

"Your call has been properly delivered, but the number you are calling has its Call Block service activated. Calls from your number are not being accepted by the called party."


To Activate/Deactivate Call Block, follow the steps below:

Step Action
1 Hang up from unwanted call and pick up phone to get dial tone.
2 Dial *60 (1160 for dial pulse). (Dial 3 to activate your call block list-only done on first entry; if done again, will deactivate call block service.)
3 Listen for announcement followed by a beep.
4 Dial #01# (1201 for dial pulse).
5 This number will be considered a private entry and will be read back as Private (See Note).
6 Either continue to edit the list, or hang up


NOTE: Private does not mean non-published. This indicates a number added by dialing #01#, when the 7 digit telephone number is unknown.

To activate Call Block and edit numbers for the screening list, follow the steps below:

Step Action
1 Pick up the phone and listen for dial tone.
2 Dial *60 (1160 for dial pulse).
3 To activate Call Block with existing screening list, hang up.
4 To establish or change screening list , listen for announcement with instructions followed by a beep.


To deactivate Call Block, follow the steps below:

Step Action
1 Pick up the phone and listen for dial tone.
2 Dial *80 (1180 for dial pulse).
3 Listen for announcement with interaction instructions followed by a beep. (See interactions)


If a dialing error is made, dial * and start over. When adding or deleting a number, there is a tone heard after dialing the initial* or # (11 or 12 for dial pulse.)


  • Preferred Call Forwarding
    A number which is on the Call Block screen list should not be entered on the screening list for Preferred Call Forwarding as it will be blocked before it can be forwarded. If a customer wants the same number on another screening list, Call Block must be deactivated to allow a call to be processed by the other feature(s). Call Block overrides Preferred Call Forwarding.
  • Multi-line Hunting (MLH)
    Call Block will not work if the incoming call is from a number in an MLH group, unless the number is a TN identified terminal of the group. Only a TN identified terminal may be put on the screen list. (Special Billing Number (SBN) does not qualify). Only the main number of the group can make changes to the list.
  • Call Forwarding
    If a customer has both Call Block and Call Forwarding activated, Call Block takes precedence and numbers on the screen list will be blocked and not forwarded. Call Block overrides Call Forwarding.
  • RingMaster
    The Call Block screen list must contain the Main Telephone Number if the caller being blocked subscribes to RingMaster.
  • Call Return
    Call Block customers cannot activate Call Return to numbers on their Call Block screen list. If a number on the Call Block screening list activates Call Return to the Call Block customer, they will be blocked and routed to the Call Block announcement.
  • Repeat Dialing
    Call Block customers can use Repeat Dialing to numbers on their screen list.
  • Caller ID
    Telephone numbers of callers on the Call Block screen list will not be delivered to a Caller ID display unit.
  • Call Selector
    Telephone numbers on the Call Block screen list should not be on the Call Selector screen list. Calls will be blocked before the call can be forwarded. Call Block overrides Call Selector.
  • Call Waiting
    A Call Block customer who has Call Waiting will not receive a Call Waiting tone from callers that are on the Call Block screen list. Call Block overrides Call Waiting.
  • Operator Calls
    Operator assisted calls will bypass the Call Block capability.
Contact SouthEast Telephone Published: 02/26/2007